Simply put, the experience of working on an online/ collaborative virtual world game was quite new and like any new technology, there was some frustration.  Such as, uploading items into the virtual space, the placement of items and building site specific elements. However, I feel that the frustration did not outweigh the exciting new

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addition to my ever growing ‘interesting things that I can now accomplish with technology’ category inside my personal skills.  Additionally, working in a group to accomplish the individualized tasks made the work more accessible and reduced project anxiety.

Perhaps this ideas of ‘a virtual world’ is not so new, just ask Pliny the Elder (who you can’t ask or speak to because he is long dead but, he was a famous Roman from the time of Cesar).  He spoke openly about ‘perceptual illusion’, so here we are Pliny, perceptual emancipation in the form of virtual worlds, just at your fingertips.  Eat your heart out Cesar.

To end this illustrious commentary with one more Thad-ism, I heart how this technology can be used by a novice to make $ (cash-money).  And working in groups was a bonus because this became more accessible and reduced/relieved/unbound project anxiety.