Hello All! My first experience with second life was in Dr. Lenze’s COMM 302 class when I was a sophomore and I wasn’t completely blown away by it, but nonetheless, I found it interesting. I thought it was cool that I could create my own character that could function in the given environment and communicate with other people. This was my primary method of communication with him throughout the course because his avatar was always in his virtual office when he said he would be. Now, let’s jump ahead to our project. I think using Second Life for learning, not just for pirate games, but for other subjects as well could have potential. First of all, Second Life should really focus on fixing the glitches in its world. After all, quality is better than quantity and Second Life has so much content, yet a character might freeze up walking through a house or other glitches. Next, if an organization decides to use Second Life, they should make sure their computers are up-to-date in order to be able to effectively run the program. This way the experience will be more effective. In conclusion, Second Life has much potential. As long as the content is within the game and with continuous improvement to the software, Second Life could become an effective learning medium.