I was so excited to use the second life because I had high expectations to gain a new experience on how to create my own virtual world. I love video games and I have a dream to build and create my own game. Second Life just made it easy for me that I can buy items that I need for use in-game from the marketplace and have the ability to adjust those items to my liking.

Some difficulties were present while I was using Second life. For instant, this program used to run my Macbook Pro really hot although my laptop is above the minimum requirement of running this application. Inability to multitask in my laptop while the application is running, and the presence of glitches and bugs of 3D modes making people inside the application appear as if they were missing textures. All those reasons has lead me to dislike Second Life a little bit. I would have preferred to work a more popular, well-known, well-refined application of the same idea. There were also limitations that need to be mentioned. For example, there were items in the marketplace that cannot be modified, transferred, or even copied.

In this project we were asked to build a city of pirates. Students in this class were split into five groups. Our group set out from the ship and we talked here about five islands. We created quizzes about those islands.

Second Life needs more explanation on how to use it because it is not an easy program. Working with a team in second Life was a wonderful experience. However, bugs and glitches, poor support; unavailability of any kind of resources that one could benefit from might hinders the experience of enjoying the virtual world. I believe Second Life would best fit for students of younger ages as they could gain new experiences about pirates and get accustomed such teaching tool that could enable them to be more engaging and active through out the class.