Overall I have mixed feelings about the SecondLife experience.  My initial reaction was welcoming however, not too thrilled to be using this choice of software.  Surely something like Captivate would offer more promise to a job-seeker as it is a common skill requirement on job  descriptions in e-learning and instructional design.  The lessons I've  learned in the context of creating a game, the Immersive Learning  Simulation could be a vehicle to deliver content using other industry  standard software. 

Did  I learn from the project? Yes, I gained a sense of e-learning principles through the class discussions and application in SecondLife.   Will I be able to apply the principles of an Immersive Learning  Simulation in future endeavors?  Yes, even if I do not create or use  code the principles of segmenting, contiguity, and personalization.   Does the final product may show good team work efforts as a class, and  small group collaboration?  Indeed.  Our group pooled efforts in making a  successful segment on the island.  The final product looked very nice  as an edited Machinima.  Which in itself is a new term I picked up in the process.

   Now for skepticism, and some dismay.  I am not certain that it will be  an outstanding portfolio piece.  I know not every project in my graduate  studies merits such final grandeur. And it is about what you learned in  the process.. what if many hiring managers want to see SecondLife?  I  am pleased with the overall look.  I am more or less bothered by the  reality that it is a software program which may not benefit a  prospective job seeker such as myself and my peers. 

  My conclusion is that the learning principles gained in this project  outweigh the vehicle used. The video will be a nice addition as a group  project piece the more I think about it.  I sincerely hope to learn  Captivate as planned in the course syllabus and gain confidence through it's use.