Although this was my first experience using the second life software I found it to be very interesting. I think that it is a very creative aspect of learning, due to the fact that most individuals contain a lot more information when they’re having fun while doing the instruction. I thought that it would be hard to develop instruction using this type of learning device, but after sitting down and looking over the different things that you could accomplish in second life, things turned out to be a lot easier.

When creating my part of the instruction, I found most of the process to be as easy as just copying and pasting material. It was very easy to actually accomplish the goal at hand, but the hard part of the process was finding the location where the content should be located. There are a lot of content folders that you have to go through in order to figure out what material works where. To me this was the most time-consuming part of the instruction.

There were only a few minor limitations that I found when using the second life program. Those limitations range from the material that we were able to use, alterations that we couldn’t make to the land itself, all the way to the limitations of where we could go. All together I enjoyed my experience working with the second life program, and I wouldn’t mind working with it again.