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Snow Crash – 1992 – Neil Stephenson

It took me a while to get into this story because “The Deliverator” didn’t intrigue me but after a few chapters I was hooked. Stephenson wrote a creative satire about the Internet 19 years ago and yet it’s as if he was talking about the virtual world (Metaverse) of Second Life (SL) before it existed. Wonder if the creators of SL read Snow Crash?

It’s easy to identify with many of the analogies Stephenson uses, such as between Snow Crash (the virus) and drugs; Kouriers and couriers; franchising and mafia; cult/mega church and Continue reading

Although I swear infrequently in my personal life, I’ve always believed that curse words have a place in literature, in music, in movies, and even in journalism. Depending on the speaker, there’s always been something significantly more authentic to me about swear-word-laden language than there’s been about the cheesy, G-rated language few people use in real-life situations.

I wrote an expose on a porn theater for my undergraduate senior project. The article was published in a student magazine, and I debated a lot of the article’s language with editors and faculty advisers. To me, vulgar language was central to my article. It made things real. It made my work legitimate. Craigslist posters weren’t inviting strangers to the theater to “service” them, they were inviting them to Continue reading