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Multi-Dimensional Viewpoints of “Snow Crash”

Neal Stephenson employs multi-dimensional viewpoints to create his science fiction story in Snow Crash. It is a panorama of technology, politics, knowledge, history, legend, and time. Each dimension has a meaning or a message to the readers. The present is the extension of the past. Therefore, the future most likely will be an extension of the present. There are many incidents Continue reading

YouTube and other sharing website give examples of the massive users’ interactive collaboration. The Internet technology makes possible for numerous people to collaborate in creation via the web through “large-scale” information sharing of texts and multimedia contents such as YouTube, Wikipedia and Yahoo! AQ (Hamasaki, Takeda, Hope, & Nishimura, 2009). Therefore, the sharing production of the Internet leads to the term “creators’ community” which “means a tight group of nodes within social network of creators” (Hamasaki, Takeda, & Nishimura, 2008). In more advance content sharing, users have started to create their music using commercial singing synthesis systems and listeners are increasing especially with Continue reading

Two things interested me the most about this book…

First, the amazing ability to predict the “future” of the Internet.  Written in 1992, when I was still thinking of the Internet as a mere fax machine on steroids and wondering how many trenches were going to be dug for all of those Internet lines, Stephenson was predicting 3D virtual worlds. Thank heaven for people with imagination and intelligence, a wonderful partnership. If it were left up to people like me we would still be using outhouses and burning candles.

Second, we humans aren’t actually all that evolved, despite indoor plumbing and electricity. The future mystifies us, whether that future is man and machine racing to reach various monoliths or whether it is computers that can spread a physical ailment. Continue reading