In Gilgamesh, the powerful Enkidu was seduced by a harlot from the temple of love in Uruk. He was punished because of his sins and thus he lost his power. He escaped from his reality to live with his new friend Gilgamesh. The newfound friends gradually weaken and grow lazy living in the city, so Gilgamesh proposes a great adventure that entails building a great monument to the gods. Along the way, Ishtar, the goddess of love and beauty, takes notice of Gilgamesh’s beauty and offers to become his wife. Gilgamesh refuses with insults, listing all her mortal lovers and recounting the dire fates they all met with at her hands. Gilgamesh disbelieves in love and preferred to face the revenge of his distrustful lover. In a modern turn on this classic tale, Red Light Winter, love prevails. When it comes to love in stories such as this, romantic emotions and sexual desires blend together creating complex characters. Between these two axes, good and evil mediate their existence.