Proposed research area – Boyd indicates that art can play a pivotal role in storytelling.  I am curious if an entire story can be effectively told only with pictures.  The benefits that I can see would be the flexibility for the “reader” to create an entire background of their own imagination based on the pictures.  Cons include the lack of detail that supports the plot.  Which type of story is most effective visually? Humor, Drama, SciFi, Mystery or other?

A photo is just a moment in time.  When viewed in a story, does the reader interpret the picture differently than the “author” intends.  Current culture is multimodal with stories being presented in text only, manga form (comic book) which is a combination of drawing and text, and audio. Principles of visual literacy support user-centered/user-interpreted concepts.

The issue that I can foresee with a picture only story is that  a reader’s expectations may not be realized.  The constructivist nature of this type of activity, allowing the “reader” to interpret and expand as they deem appropriate can impact the perceived quality.  How much “control” does the author have over the story as it has a very user-based perception?  Does the reader perceive the same story as the author?  Does age matter?  Can this type of presentation provide options for cognitively impaired individuals?  Would this type of storytelling be relegated to a classification as a “children’s” book without the opportunity for in-depth utilization and analysis of adults?

MANY questions, limited answers.  I am surprised to say that I am drawn to the constructivist nature of this idea.  The growth of my perceptions and willingness to release “control” is foreign to me!  That being said, the ability to expand my creative juices following the guidelines of another but not control of another is appealing!  Being a voracious reader (of purely relaxation type reading) the prospective of expanding my creative process is both stimulating and at the same time frightening.