Individuals with serious health conditions are increasingly using blogging as an outlet for self-expression.  Blogging appears to have the similar benefits to other forms of therapeutic writing.   Patient bloggers use their blogs to document a narrative of their illness experience,  describing treatments and encounters with healthcare professionals.   These blogs also provide a forum for patients to vent emotions related to their diagnosis,  to share information and insight about medical procedures and to both provide and receive support through the community of  blog readers and comment writers.   The patient blogosphere is rapidly growing.  With an interest in this phenomenon I created at new website devoted to patient bloggers.   BloggingDx  is intended to be the start of portal to blogs written by patients with various conditions and also a place for others with an interest in this topic to discuss and explore how to get started blogging and the benefits of the experience.   I welcome suggestions for additional blogs or resources to add to the site.