For those of you that wonder just how to juggle all of your social media tools and still be able to function as a human being, participate in your paying job, complete your schoolwork, and still have some time for your family, check out the following infographic. The infographic describes a day in the life of a Social Media Manager. Granted, the Social Media Manager is getting paid to blog, tweet, share, etc., and you probably are not. So here is my proposal. Give this schedule a shot. Perform a requisite time-shift, since your day may not begin at 530AM, and replace the “I’m a professional social media guy” tasks with the other important functions in your life. Remember, you still need to do the reading, blogging, and sharing stuff. But do it at your leisure. In time, the landscape and its purpose may become somewhat more clear.

The Life of a Social Media Manager

A Day in the Life of a Social Media Manager