More college students seek employment by using social network such as facebook, LinkedIn. Other than campus recruiters, students intend to go beyond physical location and finding the opportunities they desire through social media. Not much hard statistics supports how important the role social media is playing in college student employment. But students have been increasingly using all the possible sources for building contact network, especially social media which is taken as a new potential way for searching job. LinkedIn is reviewed as going forward on professional contact and information exchange. With the interactive and dynamic feature of social media, students may consistently update their personal profile or job-related information. And before application or interview, students are able to evaluate the employer by reviewing their websites, professional profiles, comments or blogs from current/former employees through the network presence.  With better preparation on job-related information, students may make a better impression to the potential employer. It probably even works better for technology/media-related job fields. There is also a growing trend that recruiters go social network to find candidates for their companies. Students are recommended to establish a better professional “self” for attaining a potential opportunity.