The power of social media such as, and to generate awareness, bridge communication gaps and gain support for relief efforts is being used to help disaster-ravaged Japan. There is an international outpouring of support and many efforts are being made by social media to help people cope with the ongoing tragedies impacting Japan in the last week.  There are numerous videos being posted on YouTube by disaster relief organizations, people participating as onlookers and caring or concerned individuals asking for donations to charities.  Several “Japan Relief” users have also set themselves up on Facebook asking for support.  Caution is advised before donating. There is no guarantee that the majority of funds will end up with the Japanese people, so make sure it’s a reputable charity.  People are tweeting like crazy on Twitter asking people to donate to charities like the Red Cross via texting.  Red Cross is asking that you donate $10 to relief funds via text message to REDCROSS at 90999.  More information about donating to Red Cross can be found here