Comcast and Al Jazeera executive’s are in communication to discuss whether Al Jazeera could have a spot on the United State’s largest cable provider. Al Jazeera is a Qatar-based television station that received a significant amount of traffic to its live streams and blogs during the recent protests in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. Interestingly, Al Jazeera had a 2500% increase in traffic on their website during the first few days of the Egyptian uprising. Comcast, which has 24 million subscribers is looking for concrete evidence that this volume of traffic will continue. Al Jazeera has started an online petition to get its programs televised in the United States. We can currently watch Al Jazeera on the internet but Jeff Jarvis, a media professor states on his blog BuzzMachine that “internet streaming is not going to have the same impact-political and education impact-that putting AJE on the cable.”

I would challenge us all to thing about what the impact might be if Comcast allows Al Jazeera to broadcast their programs on Comcast in the United States….how will this affect our country??? Will it create more radical Muslim extremists in America. Where do we draw the line between Freedoms of Speech and protection of our citizens??

This is from an article by Jack Phillips on TheEpoch Times e-newsletter. Here is the link: