LinkedIn was founded in December of 2002 and was online in May of 2003. It is a networking site for professionals to share their professional profiles. The site was founded by former PayPal vice president Reid Hoffman. The statistics regarding LinkedIn are interesting…..the average member is 41 years old with an average household income of $109,704. 64% of the members are male and 80.1% are college graduates. “Members use LinkedIn to find find jobs and business opportunities” as quoted from “The Social Media Bible”….

Interestingly, on page 35 of this text, Second Life was cited as the largest “player” in the virtual world. The CEO of Second Life is Mark Kingdon…..who wouldn’t want an interview with this man…..contacts were made through LinkedIn and an interview was obtained.

This is only one example of the use of social and professional networking. I have personally used LinkedIn and have found classmates from Purdue (twenty years ago) who are now very successful!! It is a great online resource!!