As the authors of this blog our goal is to define, understand and explore online media.  Media is often regarded to be channels of communication and is usually associated with entertainment, education and information functions.  But what else can media be?  What other purposes and goals can it fulfill?   I have contemplated what else media, specifically online media, can be.   Is media simply a product or artifact or can media also serve some other greater purpose?    Through this exploration of ideas, I came to the conclusion that media can be much more.    I encourage you to consider a new paradigm – media as medicine.  One defintion of medicine is “a substance or preparation used in treating disease.”    Could these qualities be ascribed to media?    I have developed this concept in the evidence block below.  This project was the result of numerous hours of reflection and contemplation and approximately 4 hours of production time (scripting, planning, creating, rendering) that was dispersed over several days.    The creative inspiration for the evidence block the production style of  “Common Craft”  and “RSA Animate” to create online videos.    The  video was created primarily with PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker.  The animated effects in the beginning and end of the video were manually created, frame by frame with no “tweening”.  This effort could be expanded upon and developed further.   With more time, I would like to build on the animation effects and use the technique for the title animation for the entire video.