For the next 120 days (at least) we the principle communicators writing this blog will attempt to define, understand, create, undermine, master, echo, subvert, monetize, socialize and otherwise absorb the modern phenomena of online media. Most importantly we will document our journey here.

We will accomplish our goals through a variety of investigations, and post our results here in the form of “Evidence Blocks.” We invite the world to join our quest for understanding and to contribute to our findings.  Specifically we will try focus on the following memes.

  • People waste time playing online
  • Online media are marketing & sales tools
  • Only technology can save us
  • The media is the message
  • Modern Media = Medieval Church
  • The time for brick & mortar education is over
  • The time for brick & mortar business is over
  • Modern Media Technology is a self-generated Apocalypse
  • Low Cost Mobile Communications will Democratize / Revolutionize / Commercialize the Planet

Each evidence block we post will be different. Some will be largely text, others only media. Each will contain some common information.

  1. Where did the ideas for the block come from?
  2. How long did it take to create?
  3. Who contributed what to it?
  4. What will, should or could happen to the block next?
  5. A reflection about what we discovered?
  6. An opportunity for others to comment on, rate and review the block.

We each promise to create, revise, build and rebuild as needed no less than four blocks in the next 120 days. We further promise to contribute to one another’s evidence blocks regularly, honestly and constructively. We invite you the world to share in our quest. We will only be blocking spam – and promise only to publicly flog trolls.